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MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - provides direction to the NPN regarding member growth, membership services, and member opportunities. The Membership Committee selects who is chosen as a state delegate, identifies who is no longer a member "in good standing" according to governance guidelines, who is chosen for federal nomination opportunities, oversees mentor pairing, etc.

GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE - provides direction to the NPN regarding policies and procedures. The develop draft documents related to guiding principles, forms, core leadership election process, by-laws, etc. The NPN then reviews, modifies, and then ratifies these documents as appropriate. If you like creating with words, this is the committee for you!

ADVANCEMENT TEAM - provides direction to group regarding member development. Designs and implements education portfolio modules, oversees orietation of new state delegates, collaborates with membership committee regarding development of leadership track, etc.

MENTORING - the chance to either be a mentor or mentee is available to all our state delegates. Pairs are chosen on the basis of interests and needs.

SPEAKERS' BUREAU - we are often asked if our members are available for speaking engagements or to review documents and other materials. Please let us know if you'd like to be a part of this by signing up for the speakers' bureau in the "Members Only" area of our wbsite.

THE COMMITTEES I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN ARE: (please check all that apply to you)



Thank You! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our NPN Coordinator Althea McLuckie using the information below.

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